Brass Honcho Anniversary Gift
 Brass Honcho Anniversary Gift

The Full Metal Mule - Moscow Mule Mug With A Real Bullet Handle, 18 oz

Hammered solid copper body, lined with nickel

Designed to keep drinks colder

  • .50 cal Brass handle for easy and comfortable grip
  • Perfect for iced tea or anything you would like to keep cold


    Bring your drink-ware to the next level with the Full Metal Mule Copper Mugs, the worlds only mule mug with a real .50 BMG bullet handle. 100% metal construction, no plastic! Holds 18 oz.  The 50 cal brass handle has been once fired out of a heavy machine gun by the us military.  This Mug is sure to turn heads at any party or gathering. Real Copper (no cheap copper lining) and nickel lining inside of mug.

    Hand wash only. Completely dry mug immediately after washing.

    Be sure to check out the smaller version of this mule mug, Full Metal Mule Shot Mugs.