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Real .50 Bullet Pen (Bic)

  • Real .50 cal brass and projectile
  • Pen Body is 100% metal
  • virtually indestructible
  • Hand made in the USA
  • Non-refillable Bic ink Cartridge

  • The real .50 cal bullet pen (bic) by Brass Honcho is an all metal pen proudly hand made in the USA. Unlike other "bullet pens" this pen is made from a genuine once fired .50 bmg casing and real .50 bmg projectile. When this pen runs out of ink simply pull out the Bic ink cartridge and replace. This pen should last a lifetime. *note- this pen is made from a bullet fired from a heavy machine gun by the US Military and as such it may have minor scratches/dents that are consistent with that.

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