Bullet Bottle Opener - Brass Honcho
50 bmg Bullet Bottle Opener - Brass Honcho
Bullet Bottle Opener - Brass Honcho
Brass Honcho Red Velvet gift bag
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Bullet Bottle Opener

This real bullet bottle opener is made from a Genuine once fired 50. caliber brass and a real .50 cal projectile. No plastic; 100% Brass, steel and copper.  The magnetic variation of this opener will stick to any magnetic metal surface such as refrigerators, metal chairs and tool boxes.

The brass casing has been fired out of a heavy machine gun by the US military so there may be small scratches and dents.

The bottle opener without the box comes with a red velvet Brass Honcho gift bag.
  An upgrade to gift boxes will really impress your recipient! 

 Bottle Opener Customization Options

Deluxe Wood Gift Box variation includes bottle opener and a real wood box with foam insert.

Personalized Wood Box Gift Set Variation includes bottle opener personalizing your deluxe wooden box. Let us know what you would like for your box to say.